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Art and private client

Our art and private client business covers the breadth of high value assets from museums and mansions to holiday homes and exotic cars, all over the world. We also insure emerging wealth via our direct business in the UK. Our products include:

High-value household and contents

We have focused for many years on insuring the owners of high-value houses and their contents, valuables and collections. We cover just about any type of valuable property worldwide, and also offer a special policy for expatriates, available in most countries except the USA and countries under trading sanctions.

Fine art

Insuring art requires a specialist.  The Hiscox love of art gets into everything we do: not only do we insure it, we also collect, sponsor and promote it.  As a world leading insurer of fine art and collectibles, we have a wealth of experience of protecting valuable possessions and unique objects.

Whether you’re a private collector, corporation, museum, commercial gallery or auctioneer, Hiscox can cover your artworks for risks of loss or damage worldwide.

From the restoration of fragile or mixed media contemporary art to the recovery of stolen works, our expertise is extensive.  Our relationships with the art world mean if you have to make a claim you can be sure your case will be handled in the most sensitive way possible.  And we appreciate that your time is precious: you can rely on us for effective and speedy settlement of claims.

The range of art we insure is as diverse as the people who buy, sell and show it.  We also offer bespoke cover for a range of specialist collectibles including musical instruments, classic cars, vintage aircraft and stamps.

Typical cover is for all risks of physical loss and physical damage but we are also able to offer cover for defective title, exhibition cancellation and professional indemnity.


We offer insurance specifically for drivers of high value cars. Our product has a number of features  including fully comprehensive cover for any car you drive; repairs at the garage of your choice; cover for those not living at your property, provided they are over 30; an unlimited number of foreign trips, with a maximum of 90 days per trip; an agreed value for your car in the event of it being written off; and a similar courtesy car.