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Reinsurance is the insurance of insurers. Our focus is on ‘short-tail’ reinsurance: exposures related to large but short-lived and quantifiable perils. Through our world-class catastrophe modelling, we are a leader in many of our product areas – marine, non-marine and whole account reinsurance – having built stable, long-standing relationships with our reinsured clients over many years. We trade only through quality intermediaries and only reinsure quality insurers who are experts, whether they are covering homeowners in Florida or construction companies in Dallas.

We underwrite reinsurance from our London Market, Bermudian, and French offices.

We also buy reinsurance to limit our liability from major accumulations of losses from catastrophic events such as hurricanes, or from very large individual losses such as oil refinery explosions. We manage our own exposures by carefully monitoring them and by having a geographically diverse portfolio.

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