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We group our most unusual and specialist products under specialty insurance. These include:

Kidnap and Ransom

Hiscox is the world's largest provider of specialist kidnap, detention and extortion insurance. Our clients include multinational companies operating in high risk regions of the world; key executives working in commercially sensitive positions; and individuals whose wealth or fame may attract the attention of criminals. Our cover includes protection against kidnap, hijack and bodily injury, and against all forms of extortion, including protection of assets from illegal demands and the consequential associated expenses. As well as cover, we also offer advice and assistance to protect clients’ wellbeing, through exclusive access to the services of Control Risks, the leading independent security consultants in the field.


Hiscox has been providing contingency insurance for over 35 years. We cover businesses and individuals for the losses they face from event cancellations beyond their control. Our clients include organisers, sponsors, broadcasters, merchandisers, and exhibitors, and we insure all kinds of events, from international sporting tournaments, business conferences and exhibitions, to weddings, private parties and fairs, fêtes and carnivals.


Hiscox insures international companies of all sizes caught up in terrorist acts and other conflicts. The difference between war, terrorism and political violence cover has become increasingly ambiguous in hostile and complex business environments. To protect our clients, we have combined the risks associated with all three into one terrorism product, removing this uncertainty. Clients also benefit from our exclusive relationship with Control Risks, which provides regular intelligence on business risks around the world, as well as precious support when crises occur.


Specie is a Lloyd’s term referring to the line of business that covers cash and valuables in vaults, premises or in transit. We insure financial institutions and other commercial organisations, armored carriers and mining companies around the world.

Personal Accident

We insure businesses and individuals worldwide for loss of life or limb. We specialise in cover for key personnel, journalists, racing drivers, entertainers, actors, musicians, and other sports people. We also offer personal accident and sickness cover for airline pilots, and insure key people active in war-zones, including journalists and aid agency workers.

War, Terrorism and Political Violence

The threat of international terrorism and the potentially devastating consequences of indiscriminate violence present new challenges for businesses worldwide, where difficulty in distinguishing between the insurable perils has only increased over time.

In response to the diverse nature of military conflicts across the world, Hiscox developed a war terrorism and political violence (WTPV) policy to protect against losses of physical damage and business interruption directly caused by acts of war, terrorism, sabotage and hostilities of a warlike nature, even if a war has not been declared.

In addition, Hiscox has combined the fields of WTPV, kidnap, political risks and personal accident cover to deliver a unique product, Hiscox Global Response, in collaboration with independent security consultancy Control Risks.

Political Risks

Hiscox has been at the forefront of political and credit risk insurance for over 25yrs. We cover risks in over 90 countries, spanning more than 30 different industries; our clients range from banks to exporters, traders and investors. We provide cover for trade related risks against the threat of non-payment or non-performance by the entity with whom our client is contracting. We also cover equity investments or mobile equipment against the risk of government confiscation or physical damage from political violence.

Our long standing expertise in this class of business means we have a real understanding of the market. It allows us to be flexible in our approach and to deliver a bespoke, confidential policy, specifically tailored to meet the needs of the client.


Hiscox Aviation is the conduit to providing multiple insurance solutions to any one person, company, entity involved in the aviation industry. We provide comprehensive insurance cover for airlines, airports, aircraft manufacturers, banks/finance houses, general aviation clients. In addition to the traditional covers commonly available within the aviation insurance market, we also offer alternative structures including excess and captive excess programs. Hiscox Aviation can also offer its Aviation clients many other products such as Loss of Licence, Cyber Risk, Kidnap and Ransom and Business Interruption.

Aviation War

We provide physical damage and third party liability cover for aircraft during war, hijacking and other perils. Our clients range from major international airlines to small private businesses and pleasure aircraft worldwide. We can also extend cover to include confiscation by the government of registration and loss of use. We have a dedicated team who aim to provide innovative solutions and outstanding service to our brokers and clients.


Hiscox is one of the few companies to provide insurance for the entire life of a satellite, from construction, storage and transportation, right through to its launch and life in space. We insure satellite operators, manufacturers and users; launch vehicle providers; TV broadcasting companies; telecommunications operators; and bankers or financiers of aerospace projects. We can also combine our space and satellite insurance with political risk insurance and errors and omissions/professional indemnity insurance giving the most comprehensive protection possible.

Loss of Licence

Hiscox Global Flying protects aviation personnel against the financial consequences of loss of licence resulting from bodily injury or illness. Cover can be arranged on both an individual and group basis, through brokers or directly with the client, and is available to aviation personnel of fixed and rotary wing aircraft.