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About Hiscox

Hiscox and art

"Art is an integral part of the culture of Hiscox. We insure it, we own it and we encourage it."
Robert Hiscox

We are not only major insurers of art, but, for forty years, we have been collectors and enablers of it as well. We acquire works by living artists, and from time to time sponsor college prizes and public exhibitions. Our collection hangs in our offices and we firmly believe that this improves our employees’ morale. Owning art helps us enormously in our understanding of and ability to underwrite it, and is a good investment in its own right.

The collection

We enjoy uncovering and encouraging emerging talent. Our collection includes works by a strong selection of renowned international artists. Whitney Hintz, our curator, manages the collection and keeps it moving between our offices around the world. She says: "It is exciting to work for a company that is so strongly affiliated with the arts. The Hiscox Collection reflects an ongoing support of both emerging and internationally renowned artists."

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