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Hiscox becomes Contemporary Art Partner of the National Gallery

On April, 25 2017 Hiscox was announced as the first ever Contemporary Art Partner of the National Gallery.

We have a 100 year heritage of insuring complex and unusual risks, as well as a passion for art that gets into everything we do; we insure art, collect art and promote art. This partnership with the National Gallery will further strengthen our reputation in the arts and as a trusted insurer for people’s most treasured possessions.

Our partnership was unveiled at the opening of Chris Ofili: Weaving Magic, the National Gallery’s first exhibition under its newly launched contemporary art programme.

When asked why Hiscox are partnering the National Gallery, speaking at the launch, Steve Langan, Chief Executive Officer of Hiscox Insurance Company, explained: “ …Quality. Its commitment to quality is relentless and unending. In a world of transient taste and flash money it is uncompromising in its desire to navigate the pitfalls of fad and fashion. It is constant, and happy to challenge the conventions of the day.

“All this resonates with us at Hiscox. A commitment to quality is at the core of everything we try to do for our clients across the globe.

“So we are delighted and excited to open the first of our collaborations – a marvellous exhibition by Chris Ofili. I like Chris, not just his work (which we have in our collection), but also his wonderfully refreshing views of the art world.”

Hiscox will be Contemporary Art Partner of the National Gallery into 2019 and will be supporting an incredibly exciting programme of exhibitions. Chris Ofili: Weaving Magic is a free exhibition and is open until August 28 2017.

To read more of Steve Langan’s comments at the opening see the Hiscox blog or for more information on Chris Ofili: Weaving Magic at the National Gallery see their website.

Chris Ofili
The Caged Bird's Song, 2014–2017
Wool, cotton and viscose
Triptych, left and right panels each 280 x 184 cm; centre panel 280 x 372 cm
Installation view, Chris Ofili: Weaving Magic, National Gallery, 26 April – 28
August 2017
© Chris Ofili. Courtesy the artist and Victoria Miro, London, The Clothworkers’ Company and Dovecot Tapestry Studio, Edinburgh. Photography: Gautier Deblonde