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We are a modern business with traditional values. We believe in integrity and decent behaviour and we strive to have honest and fair dealings with all our stakeholders in the marketplace – customers, brokers and investors.

Our approach

Our core values guide our business: to challenge convention, to have courage, to provide quality products, to excel in the service we provide and be human in our approach. At the heart of our business is a restless spirit to challenge convention in our industry and in ourselves to always do better. These values underpin a reputation we have earned for integrity in everything we do.

Our success relies on each one of us doing so, whatever our job, wherever we work. With 100 years of underwriting heritage, we have more than 2,200 staff across 14 countries. All staff receive training and regular communication on our values and policies (including anti-bribery and corruption, labour standards and whistleblowing). Compliance with our values and policies is specifically incorporated into performance management, and we look for similar principles and standards to be adhered to by the many intermediaries we work with, from contract workers and third party suppliers.

In the spirit of these values we have signed up to the ClimateWise principles which cover risk, public policy, influencing customers, investment, governance, reporting and direct impact. Our latest report is available here.

Environmental, Social and Governance issues (including issues such as tax, anti-bribery and corruption, investor stewardship and climate change) are integrated into both risk assessment and strategy, with responsibility ultimately sitting with the Board and its committees. We strongly believe in the rule of law and we are committed to comply with all relevant international and local laws wherever we operate.