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Our business is responsible to all its stakeholders, not simply our investors, and the benefits of being a good corporate citizen go far beyond the bottom line. We believe that our company can help the communities of which it is part, beyond simply providing jobs. To that end we support a range of social initiatives through the Hiscox Foundation, a charity funded by an annual donation from the Group. Since our expansion into the US, there is now also a Hiscox Foundation USA.

We support a number of charities at a corporate level, but any Hiscox employee can apply to the Foundation, for support for a good cause – often these are local projects or charities to which they are deeply committed.

The Foundations policy is to contribute principally to activities in areas that are close to our hearts: education; science; the arts; and helping the elderly and the most disadvantaged and vulnerable members of our society to live independently and with dignity.


Our employees drive the choice of which charities we become involved in. Among the many charities to which our people have contributed their time and the Foundation its money include:

  • The Humanitarian Aid Relief Trust (HART), providing aid and “a voice for the voiceless”, the most oppressed and persecuted people in Europe, Africa and Asia.
  • Centre against abuse, providing shelter, support and tools to those affected by abuse.
  • Richard House, which provides much-needed respite and terminal care for young people in the UK.

Richard House      Richard House