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Report and Accounts 2021

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Our culture and values are a really important part of our employment proposition. They are distinctive, they attract people to Hiscox, and they are a big part of why people stay with us for so long." 

Amanda Brown
Chief Human Resources Officer


Our mix of businesses provides exposure to both long-term structural growth and cyclical trading opportunities. Market conditions are incredibly attractive, and we have a powerful combination of underwriting pedigree, data analytics and investment in technology which I believe sets us apart." 

Aki Hussain
Group Chief Executive Officer 

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The opportunity ahead of us is huge and I'm personally very excited by our 2022 plans, which build on the progress we've already made in optimising both our underwriting portfolios and our operating model."

Joanne Musselle
Group Chief Underwriting Officer 


Hiscox is a diversified and resilient business with a great runway of future opportunity in both Retail and big-ticket lines. This, along with our unique combination of underwriting and digital expertise, talented people, powerful brand and robust capital position, is a real differentiator in the market." 

Liz Breeze
Interim Group Chief Financial Officer


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Opportunity knocks

Aki Hussain, Group Chief Executive Officer

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An Englishman in New York

Kevin Kerridge, Hiscox USA

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Euro vision

Robert Dietrich, Hiscox Europe

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Re birth

Kathleen Reardon, Hiscox Re & ILS

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Rising tide

Dan Alpay, Hiscox London Market

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Recruitment driver

Vanessa Newbury, HR and recruitment

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Model citizen

Robert Caton, Underwriting Risk and Reinsurance

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Being human

Chloe Garbutt, Hiscox UK

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