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Customers and brokers

A promise to pay

Hiscox has built its reputation on outstanding customer service. Our belief is that insurance is a promise to pay, so, should a loss occur, we aim to fully support our customers and pay every valid claim as quickly as possible.

Are you alright

We understand that the personal touch is important to our customers who are going through what is often a traumatic experience. If we find out an area has been or is about to be impacted we don’t wait for calls to flood in, we look to contact our customers to see if they have been affected. Yes, in part we do this as it means we can assess our risk earlier, but it also means we can support customers when they need our help most. We can act quickly and help to put people’s lives back together sooner rather than later.

In 2018, the global insurance industry was tested by hurricanes, typhoons, wildfires and more. In an eventful year for natural catastrophes our net promoter scores from customers who had had claims remain very strong.

Products designed to respond

We use the knowledge and insight from specialists across our Group to develop products our customers can rely on. We’re pioneers in many specialist risks.

  • A passion for art and collectibles

Robert Hiscox saw a need for high-value items to be treated with specialist care and developed the first fine art account at Lloyd’s in 1967. Since then Hiscox has insured, collected and encouraged art around the globe. In 2016, Hiscox led a new US$1 billion capacity consortium to streamline the process of placing large fine art risks within Lloyd’s.

  • Leading the way with stand-alone terrorism and kidnap and ransom insurance

In the 1970s, after a series of high-profile incidents, kidnap became a real danger for public figures and prominent business people, and the demand for insurance grew. Since then, Hiscox has become the world’s leading insurer for corporate protection, Hiscox covers individuals and companies against a wide range of security threats including threats to kill, injure, abduct or to damage property; illegal detention; and hijack – working in partnership with Control Risks, the leading global risk consultancy.

The threat of international terrorism and the potentially devastating consequences of indiscriminate violence present new challenges for businesses worldwide. In response to the diverse nature of military conflicts across the world, Hiscox developed a war, terrorism and political violence (WTPV) policy to protect against losses of physical damage and business interruption directly caused by acts of war, terrorism, sabotage and hostilities of a warlike nature, even if a war has not been declared.

  • First catastrophe bond at Lloyd’s

Hiscox launched the first ever catastrophe bond transaction at Lloyd’s, Agatha Re, providing Hiscox Syndicate 33 with a new source of catastrophe reinsurance protection for earthquake events in the USA. This innovation led to many more in the market allowing Lloyd’s to offer more protection to those living in catastrophe prone locations.

  • First in the London Market to offer cyber liability insurance

As the world wide web boomed, Hiscox launched a standalone product for businesses who had embraced online trading in 1999. Since then, we’ve made it our business to cover the fast moving world of technology risks. Most recently, Hiscox has launched a CyberClear Academy, designed to help customers worldwide mitigate and manage their cyber risks.

  • Flood cover in a changing climate

Through our participation in the UK’s Flood Re scheme and our US FloodPlus and FloodXtra products, we’re now protecting more homeowners at risk of flooding who otherwise would have had no cover or not enough cover.

  • #1 online small business insurer in the US

In 2011, Hiscox was the first insurer to provide cover direct to US small business owners. Focusing on an under-served segment, micro businesses and start-ups, Hiscox offers fast and comprehensive cover online or over the phone.

Industry partnerships that put customer needs first

Having great relationships with our brokers is important to us, and we look to build strong and lasting partnerships with those that share our values.

Our ‘superb service’ ethos means we take the time to develop a greater understanding of individual customer and brokers’ needs. Hiscox UK and Hiscox London Market have Chartered Insurer status from the Chartered Insurance Institute, which recognises the professionalism and expertise of staff and helps to attract business partners looking to work with high-quality insurers. Across the Group we run annual broker summit events for our broker partners and the rising stars in our businesses.

Our great relationships with industry partners can make big things possible – like creating a $1 billion fine art consortium to enable works to be exhibited all over the world. In recognition that it had been some time since underwriters, brokers and regulators had experienced a major market turning event, Chairman Robert Childs spearheaded a project to test our resilience. Working with 23 other organisations to simulate a serious disaster, the industry was reminded of its role in responding with speed to complex events – a lesson that came in handy later in 2017 when Hurricanes Harvey, Irma, and Maria hit the USA.

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