What guides us

We’re here to absorb risk in a meaningful way for our customers.

We have specialist knowledge and great relationships and we care about our customers and each other.

We’re proud of the products and services we create and in return we ask for a fair price and fair play. We expect everyone we do business with to do the same.

We understand we’re part of something beyond our bottom line and we take our role in the world seriously.

Mike Krefta
We understand that we are part of something beyond the bottom line and take our role in the world seriously.

Mike Krefta, Chief Executive, Hiscox Re & ILS and Executive Sponsor, ESG

Good people

We want to work with the best people. And the best people want to know that they make a difference. We want to build teams that are as diverse as our customers and create a vibrant work environment where all employees can thrive.

We’re proud to have been ranked 4th out of 50 companies in the 2020 Glassdoor Employee’s Choice Awards, a list of the Best Places to Work in the UK, according to employee reviews.

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Being a good corporate citizen

We actively encourage our people to give back to our communities, beyond the day job. Our Hiscox Gives initiative supports charities chosen by employees, organising volunteering and fundraising activities and many of our staff participate in reading and mentoring schemes at schools local to our offices.

Good customers deserve good service

As a specialist insurer, we know we’re not for everyone but if you’re on our wavelength, we’re listening.
“Are you all right?” is a question you won’t find in the small print of most insurance policies. Insurance is a promise to pay, but to us it’s much more than that. When the worst happens, it’s about going the extra mile to get our customers back on their feet. Our customers agree and the proportion of those that have claimed and would recommend us to a friend has remained very strong as we’ve grown.

Good products and smart relationships

What are the odds? It’s what gets us out of bed every morning. If the only certainties in life are death and taxes, we make it our business to understand the probabilities. Our wealth of knowledge and insight provides a solid foundation for products that our customers can rely on. We’re pioneers in many specialist risks such as cyber, small business and fine art, and have developed best-in-class flood knowledge, including hiring a flood hydrologist. 

We have great relationships with our brokers. They like the way we underwrite and our ‘superb service’ ethos means we take time to understand their needs. Savvy use of our own and other investors’ capital means we can absorb risks within our own appetite and also help to shoulder risks beyond it. 

Being good to our environment

Insurance as an industry is at the heart of our global economy and everyday life. We share many of the same challenges faced by our customers. Climate change is a big challenge and one we must face together. Its effects have a real and relevant impact on our core business of insurance and reinsurance. That’s why we’re working together with others across the industry to do our bit. 

As well as working to minimise our direct emissions, we actively seek to identify new products and services to support our customers in adapting to the effects of climate change. 

Good things last

Our values guide our business: to have courage and integrity, taking ownership and working together to build something better. Above all, we are human and at the heart of our business is a restless spirit to give our customers the confidence to realise their ambitions.

As we grow, we’ve always got one eye on making sure our values remain front and centre.

The small print that helps us get the big things right

Environmental, social and governance issues (including issues such as tax, anti-bribery and anti-corruption, investor stewardship and climate change) and diversity and inclusion are integrated into both risk assessment and strategy, with responsibility ultimately sitting with the Board and its committees. We strongly believe in the rule of law and we are committed to complying with all relevant international and local laws wherever we operate.