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    It’s been two years since we last advertised on TV in the UK and today we are excited to be back with our brand new Home campaign.  

    Hiscox has always been known for its distinctive and bold advertising and this is no different. We’ve used an innovative and sophisticated visual technique – 3D projection mapping, an advertising first – to bring to life a simple customer insight.  And we’ve done so in a way that sets us apart from other insurers.  

    We spent a lot of time working on the concept for the ad.  Our advertising is renowned for being based on value rather than price – which is different to much of the market – and so the idea that our homes change to reflect our values as we grow and progress through life is a rich territory for us.  We see this firsthand via the thousands of home insurance customers we have here in the UK alone.  

    But take a look for yourself.  You can view the advert at, and you can also see some behind the scenes footage of the making of the advert at  

    You may recognise the male voiceover we’ve used – it is Scottish actor Gordon Kennedy, well known for his role as Little John in the BBC’s Robin Hood.  The female voice at the end is Anna Maxwell Martin, a double Bafta winning actress.  The music we’ve used is an original score composed by Christopher Slaski who has scored movies such as Kevin Spacey’s Beyond the Sea.  

    As well as TV, the advert will also air in cinemas nationwide and be supported by targeted press and posters.   

    For more on Hiscox Home Insurance go to

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