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Learning and development

Are you the finished article? If you said yes, we’re probably not the right place for you.

Why? Well, we think that none of us ever stops learning regardless of whether we’re fresh out of school on an apprenticeship or have been with the business for more than 20 years.

As a constantly growing and changing company, we want to give every one of our employees the opportunity to grow and change with us no matter what stage of their career they’re at. While the responsibility is on you to take the initiative with your learning and development, we will give you the tools and opportunities to nurture your talent and fulfil your potential. 

Our learning and development programme ranges from financial support for achieving professional qualifications – such as CII, RPLU, CIPD and CIMA qualifications – through to a comprehensive range of in-house courses with specialist external facilitators on topics such as people management, personal impact and presentation skills. Designed to support you at every stage of your development, you’ll be working with and learning from some of the most intelligent, creative and courageous people in the insurance industry.

Five-star learning and development 

We’ve divided our approach into five themes:

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1. Induction and welcome to Hiscox

We think the first 90 days after joining is the foundation for a successful career. So your line manager will develop a personalised induction programme built around your role and personal goals to help you make the most of your settling-in period.

Hiscox careers Lisbon office

2. Technical training and professional qualifications

Tapping into our in-house knowledge and expertise, we have created a world-class underwriting training programme which incorporates technical workshops run by market experts with online tutorials. This approach has been so successful for our underwriting team that we are developing similar programmes for insurance claims and operations employees. Our support functions in IT, finance, marketing and HR also regularly attend professional seminars. We will support you financially as you study for relevant professional qualifications.

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3. Personal development

A comprehensive suite of programmes will equip you with the key skills of a Hiscox professional, from influencing and negotiation, to business planning and project management.

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4. Career development

As well as providing tools to help you excel in your current role, we also provide learning opportunities to advance your career, including careers advice and job shadowing.

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5. Management and leadership

We provide workshops, online learning and mobile apps to enable managers and leaders to bring out the best in themselves and the teams they support. We use the very best suppliers, including some of the world’s leading business schools.