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History of raising capital

Date Action

6 May 2020

Non-preemptive placing of new Ordinary Shares at 650p, equivalent to approximately 19.99 per cent of the existing issued ordinary share capital.
Admitted date: 11-05-2020
Total raised: approximately £375 million

12 Dec 2006 In a Scheme, holders received, in exchange for their holdings in Hiscox Ltd, 1 ORD 5p for 1 ORD 5p.
11 Aug 2005

Rights Issue 327 for 1000 at 183p 
Payable in full by 29-11-2005 
Ex 09-11-2005
Pay date 30-11-2005
Total raised: £170 million
10 Sep 2002

Rights Issue 1 for 2 at 120p 
Payable in full by 21-10-2002 
Ex 27-09-2002
Pay date 27-09-2002
Total raised: £110 million
14 Nov 2001

Rights Issue 3 for 10 at 126p
Payable in full by 13-12-2001 
Ex date 22-11-2001
Pay date 18-12-2001
Total raised: £54 million
23 Jan 1998 Acquisition of Hiscox Select Insurance Fund PLC
02 Jul 1996

Subdivision of 1 ORD 75p into 1 ORD 5p
Holders also received 1 unlisted Defd. 70p
Notes: (a)  The rights attaching to the Defd.shs. render them effectively valueless and it is intended they be cancelled.
(b)  Existing certs. remain valid.
Acquisition of remaining 75% of Hiscox Holdings Limited
Acquisition of Hiscox Insurance Holdings Limited formerly Economic Insurance Holdings Limited
21 May 1996

Rights issues 1 for 1 at 115p
Payable in full by 21-6-1996 
Ex date 30-05-1996
Pay date 01-07-1996
Total raised: £86 million
3 Jul 1995 Hiscox Plc (formerly Hiscox Dedicated Insurance Fund PLC) Introduction to AIM
29 Jun 1995

Authorised share capital increased to £46,500,000 by the creation of 18,666,667 ordinary shares of 75p each
Acquisition of 25% interest in Hiscox Holdings Limited
22 Nov 1994

Subdivision of 1 ORD 50p into 2 ORD 25p, resulting 3 ORD consolidated into 1 ORD 75p
Authorised share capital increased to £32,500,000 by creation of 15,000,000 ordinary shares

Rights Issue 1 for 1 at 110p
50% payable on subscription, 50% payable in October 1995
Total raised £24 million
23 Nov 1993

Rights Issue 1 for 1 at 100p
80% payable on subscription, 20% payable Sept 1994
Holders also received one warrant for every 5 shares subscribed giving the holder the right to subscribe to one ordinary share in the Company at 100p during September 1995.
Total raised £11 million
17 Nov 1993
50,000 ORD shares of 100p each, divided into two ORD shares of 50p each
Authorised share capital increased to £21,250,000 by creation of 42,400,000 ordinary shares
20 Jul 1993
Incorporation of Hiscox Dedicated Insurance Fund PLC
Authorised ORD shares of 50,000 at 100p

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