Hybrid working at Hiscox
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Hybrid working at Hiscox

Hybrid working at Hiscox

We want Hiscox to be a great place to build a career, where we can all do our best work, stay connected to others and balance life outside of the day job. This is why we’ve taken a different approach to what returning to the office looks like for us. Rather than telling colleagues the number of days they should be in the office, we’ve let individual teams decide what will work for them.

We believe we’ve created a global hybrid working philosophy that strikes a balance between meeting the needs of customers, creating opportunities to connect and learn from each other and balancing colleagues’ personal preferences.

Our philosophy is made up of four key principles  

  • If your role and home environment allow it, everyone should have some working style flexibility.
  • In-person interactions are vital for our culture. Everyone must have a ‘hub’ office and be able to fulfil their office attendance commitment (which is decided together with your team via team charters, see below).
  • For tax and regulatory reasons, everyone should live in the country where their role is based.
  • The needs of our customers, and by extension our business, are the top priority.

How it works

Different teams work in different ways according to the needs of their customers and the type of work they do. So - along with our new global hybrid working philosophy - we are adopting team charters.

Team charters put the decision about how to work in the hands of the team – the people best placed to agree how they will work together to deliver for customers.  The charter provides a framework for colleagues to agree on things like how they are going to communicate, how they will recognise and celebrate successes, what activities they will come to their hub office for (and what to focus on at home) as well as agreeing a working pattern that works for everyone.  Charters are reviewed regularly so everyone gets the opportunity to shape how their team works.

We think this way of working is a bit different to the norm and we’ve had some great feedback so far; we’re committed to meeting the needs of our customers and trusting our teams to decide the way of working that works best for them.