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Welcome to the Hiscox graduate programme

Thanks for your interest in our graduate programme. This is where you might expect us to do a full-on sales pitch around what a great programme it is and what a fantastic business we are to work for.

So, who are we to disappoint!

If you want a graduate role that stretches and challenges; that has you doing real and useful work from the off; provides a structured learning programme developed to carve and polish your essential financial and business skills; and that sets you up for a rewarding career in insurance, then we’re a pretty good bet.

Our graduate programme puts you straight into the engine room of our business and provides you with the tools and knowhow to make a difference from day one.

As a rotational programme, you’ll spend time in your chosen specialism but will also work in other areas to make sure you gain a broader understanding of what we do and are equipped with the wide range of skills and knowledge you’ll need for a successful and satisfying career at Hiscox.

Up for a challenge?

There’ll be lots to challenge you but you’ll get great support too. Each graduate is matched with a senior sponsor who will provide much needed advice, guidance or simply a cup of coffee and a chat.  And you’ll be rewarded with a decent graduate package including full support for relevant professional qualifications. Did we also mention this is a superb place to work and while we expect great things from you, it won’t be at the cost of a healthy work/life balance.

What are the entry requirements?

You’ll have achieved (or be expecting to achieve) at least a 2:1 honours degree in the UK (or international equivalent) – do check the opportunities below as some of them require particular degree disciplines.

You’ll be able to speak and write fluently in business English, be numerate, and show strong interpersonal skills. By the start of the employment, you will have permission to work in the UK and you’ll be able to join the scheme in September 2022.

That’s it, hard sell over. Now it’s up to you to decide if we’re for you. Interested? Check out the graduate roles we can offer.

You’ll need to decide on your single choice of graduate programme and we ask you to apply for just one programme -  so please take time to make sure you’ve chosen the one that is right for you. If during the application process we feel you’d be better suited to another one of our graduate opportunities, we’ll discuss this with you.

The closing date for applications is 31st December 2021, although opportunities may close early if we receive a high volume of applicants – therefore please apply as soon as possible.


Our graduate opportunities for 2022

You’re curious about systems and processes and passionate about working with people…

Our operations team is fundamental to the efficient running of our business – it’s about making our business faster, leaner and better. As an Operations Graduate, you’ll need to think critically to identify areas of improvement, and have the courage to ask questions and challenge the status quo. 

Based in Hiscox UK (which provides insurance for small businesses and homeowners), you’ll work with and learn from experienced operations professionals, support change programmes and ensure that the day-to-day activities of our operations run smoothly. You’ll also be involved in managing projects – previous projects graduates have been involved include reviewing our web chat and improving our automated voice system that our customers experience when they call us. We’re on a journey and there’s a huge opportunity to really make your mark and have an impact.

You’ll experience four rotations during your time on the graduate scheme: continuous improvement, project management, people leadership and one rotation that is open for you and us to agree together, giving flexibility in the scheme.

Continuous improvement really gets in to the fine detail of our processes, providing a deep understanding of what we do and how things work. This will give you the chance to demonstrate your analytical skills and grow your process knowledge. You will then take the learnings and manage full scale projects in project management, working with key stakeholders and fine tuning your influencing skills.

You’ll also get the opportunity to learn true people leadership skills by managing, engaging and driving the performance of a team of up to 12 people. It might sound a little scary, but you will be fully supported in doing so and you’re guaranteed to learn a huge amount from the experience.

Your desire to work and collaborate with others will be key to you developing strong working relationship across our business and developing the stakeholder management skills needed for a career in operations.

What qualifications do I need?
You’ll have achieved (or be expecting to achieve) at least a 2:1 honours degree in the UK (or international equivalent) in any degree subject.

Sounds like you? Apply below.

You’re a trader at heart and love negotiating great deals…

A career as an underwriter for Hiscox UK will combine your analytical and people skills as you help Hiscox evaluate the risks we insure, including high value homes, classic cars and small businesses. 

You’ll get plenty of in-depth experience and broad product knowledge through two insightful and challenging underwriting rotations which could be in any area of the Hiscox UK business. This could include the London Professions and Specialty Commercial (London PSC) team where you’ll learn to underwrite a range of insurance cover for small businesses. That basically means insurance for areas like professional mistakes that might lead to them being sued, damage to their premises, or a cyber attack.

You’re also likely to spend one of your underwriting rotations in our Specialty division, which is the home of some of our more specialist businesses, covering areas like cancellation for live events, and insurance protection for financial institutions and media companies.

In both your underwriting rotations, you’ll get experience of the different types of risks we insure as well as developing your relationship management skills through getting to know the insurance brokers we work with. There will also be a six-month rotation outside of underwriting, in areas such as pricing (working out how much we charge for premiums) or helping customers with their claims

Following your rotations, you’ll settle into an underwriting team, where you will start to prepare for your role as a fully-fledged Hiscox underwriter (balloons and celebratory cake optional!).

What qualifications do I need?
You’ll have achieved (or be expecting to achieve) at least a 2:1 honours in the UK (or international equivalent) in any degree subject.

Sounds like you? Apply below.

Top notch analytical ability and you love the big numbers… 

If you can combine your analytical ability with a pragmatic and logical approach to problem solving, our Risk Analyst programme could be for you. 

Are you a strong communicator and enjoy influencing others? Are you excited by dealing with big numbers, big risks and intellectually challenging work? As an Risk Analyst Graduate, you’ll join the Group Underwriting Risk and Reinsurance function in London. This is a really exciting part of the business – the team is responsible for ensuring our largest risks are identified, understood, measured, priced and hedged effectively. 

In essence, the team’s job is to make sure that Hiscox is ready for the next major event – the risks we face range from a Hurricanes and Earthquakes to Cyber Attacks and Mass Outages (think Facebook and Instagram servers failing in mid-2021 and its ramifications) or Financial Crises and Pandemics. Our potential losses are measured in the billions of dollars so it’s critical that we understand and monitor them and stay ahead of any emerging trends.

This is a small team driving big decisions. The team constantly need to improvise and deal with ambiguity to drive results and influence the direction of the business.  A key role of the team is to effectively communicate the level of risk we take to the Chief Underwriting Officer and senior management team, providing analysis to influence key strategic decisions across the group.  That means that as a Risk Analyst Graduate, you’ll get exposure to senior management and have an opportunity to influence strategy early on in your career.

As part of a rotational scheme spending time in different parts of the function you will have a unique opportunity to learn from experts in a wide range of fields, with backgrounds ranging from Maths, Physics and Engineering to Meteorology and Security Science.  Working in a number of these areas you will develop your technical skills and gain a broad understanding of our business, giving you an ideal platform to build a career in insurance.  Alumni of the team have gone on to work across the world, taking leading roles in the organisation and across the industry.

The team’s activities can be broadly divided into three categories:

Establishing risk appetite. The team work with underwriting to identify which areas they can expand in, and where they need to contract. This enables us to understand in which of our business lines it is most profitable to take risk, and therefore where we should be taking bigger, or smaller bets.

Designing and implementing the most effective reinsurance strategy. To protect ourselves from losses that we cannot afford or don’t have appetite for we spend $1Bn+ each year buying reinsurance to reduce our net loss potential.  Using an understanding of what types of reinsurance products are available and analysis of the most attractive dynamics to hedge risk, the team design and purchase a programme which aims to maximise profit within the risk appetite.

Risk monitoring. Throughout the year the team maintain, enhance and use a range of tools, including the Group Capital Model and external catastrophe modelling systems, to assess the level of risk we take as a group.  Expertise is split into three key areas:

  • Property - Natural catastrophes such as Hurricanes in North America, Earthquakes in Japan or Floods in the UK are significant risks here but we also need to understand the potential from man-made catastrophes like Terrorist Attacks or Explosions.
  • Cyber - As the world is increasingly connected and reliant on technology for day-to-day activities Cyber is an area of emerging risk.  We could be exposed to losses ranging from Hacking and Data Theft to Service Outages or Blackouts.
  • Casualty - This spans a wide range of risks where an organisation or individual can be held legally responsible.  The scenarios that matter to us continue to emerge and evolve, ranging from AI to climate change litigation.

What qualifications do I need?
You’ll have achieved (or be expecting to achieve) at least a 2:1 honours degree in the UK (or international equivalent) in a quantitative discipline. You’ll have strong knowledge of Excel and the aptitude and desire to pick up new coding languages quickly.

Sounds like you? Apply below.

You’re passionate about data analytics and exploring the potential impacts of climate change...

If you have a passion for data analytics, and understanding how the Earth’s climate system works and the potential impacts arising from climate change, then this could be the role for you.

As an Exposure Management graduate, you’ll join a team that is highly motivated and committed to ensuring that all decisions involving catastrophe risk, both modelled and non-modelled, are based on the latest science, information and analysis, and are carried out in a coherent way throughout the organisation. It will mean combining your excellent numerical and analytical skills with an ability to explain complex topics in simple terms; you’re the sort of person who loves to talk and interact with others.

The insurance industry plays a vital role in the economy through pricing, underwriting and managing climate related natural catastrophe risks. Hiscox London Market underwrites a large portfolio of natural catastrophe exposed risks across the world, including North Atlantic hurricanes, Japanese earthquakes and European floods.

A range of natural catastrophe models are used to help price and manage these portfolios of risks. Climate change adds uncertainty to the modelling process, and calls out the need for more understanding of which peril regions are likely to be affected by it, and how those changes will manifest themselves.

Working in Exposure Management
You’ll spend your first nine month rotation in the Exposure Management team, supporting Hiscox London Market to deliver its underwriting goals by measuring, monitoring and communicating the risk arising from both natural and man-made catastrophes.

You’ll work closely with underwriting teams to gather and asses clients’ catastrophe exposure data to best understand and pro-actively address the potential impact of natural and man-made catastrophes. This will include regular analysis to ensure that underwriting teams are equipped with the latest exposure information and are aware of any material trends in their portfolio, along with summary information on estimated insurance losses following a natural or man-made catastrophe event. You’ll also strive to continuously improve our approach to exposure management, working closely with highly experienced underwriters, pricing analysts, the wider exposure management team and external service providers.

As this is a rotational graduate scheme, you’ll also get to experience other parts of our business to increase your understanding of our business and develop new skills. You might spend time in the London Market Claims team, where you’ll see the range of complex and challenging claims we deal with, experiencing our insurance products first hand. Or you could gain experience in Pricing, where you’ll provide analytical support for underwriters and management through large risk pricing, model development and portfolio analysis – testing your ability to communicate complex issues clearly and concisely to a wide variety of stakeholders.

Exposure management is an exciting part of the business to start your career in. You will not only learn the fundamentals of catastrophe modelling and exposure management, but you will also have access to the tools you need to start building a solid foundation in insurance. From here, you may want to explore a technical career path in pricing or reinsurance, branch into a supporting business function such as operations, or stay within exposure management and continue to grow your knowledge in this area.

What qualifications do I need?
You’ll have achieved (or be expecting to achieve) at least a 2:1 honours degree in the UK (or international equivalent) from a relevant discipline such as mathematics, statistics, geography, or climatology. The ability to use SQL and Excel, or more advanced programming languages for statistical applications such as R or Python, would be an advantage.

Sounds like you? Apply below.

You have a genuine passion for data and coding…

If you have a genuine passion for data and coding, and handling large datasets and utilising analytics to find insights is second nature, then our Claims Analytics graduate programme could be for you for you. 

This is a great opportunity to start an analytical career where you can be creative in your approach to solving problems and be at the cutting edge of our business – pushing boundaries and influencing others to have a real impact.

As a Claims Analytics Graduate you’ll join the Group Claims Strategy, Analytics and Operations function based in London. Over the course of your graduate programme, you’ll spend roughly half your time in Advanced Analytics, splitting the remainder between Management Information (MI) and Operations.

Advanced analytics provides data science and advanced analytical capabilities to leaders of the different business units at Hiscox. These leaders could have questions such as: what is currently happening in the business? What if we change this specific lever? What does the future look like? Answering these questions is one of the key roles of advanced analytics. The team is here to empower the business with robust predictive models, using artificial intelligence and machine learning projects, but at the same time helping the business with day-to-day insights.

Group Claims MI is responsible for reporting, analytics, data visualisations and insights to support the strategic decision making of the Claims Executive Group and the wider business. The team pushes our analytical capability to the next level, experimenting with new technologies. We have a lot of data, and a lot of possibilities! You’ll be given the freedom to explore methods, technologies, and languages to finding insights independently and improve our analytical capability.

Claims Operations seeks to simplify the Claims function, utilise technology to remove repetition, offer customers an improved digital journey and provision data for better claims decisions, while influencing our underwriting and pricing proposition.

You may also complete a further rotation outside of the function to develop your understanding of a different part of the business.

What qualifications do I need?
You’ll have achieved (or be expecting to achieve) at least a 2:1 honours degree in the UK (or international equivalent) in a quantitative discipline such as maths/statistics, science, economics/finance or computer science. Proficiency in a programming language such as SQL, R or Python would be useful, but is not essential – but you’ll need the aptitude to learn.

Sounds like you? Apply below.

You’re detail oriented and comfortable working with data…

With our actuarial graduate programme, you’ll build on your analytical and numerical skills and apply these to the insurance world from the day you join us whilst of course, being fully supported through your actuarial exams.

You’ll complete three nine-month long rotations within the actuarial function, experiencing capital management, pricing and reserving (more on what they are to follow). Rotations help you to gain an understanding of Hiscox’s overall actuarial function, while developing a broad skill set and building relationships across the business.

Capital management
This is all about helping us efficiently manage our money. You’ll support the production of risk profile information to enable the business and governance committees to monitor and manage against risk appetite, and to feed into the production of risk and solvency assessments. You’ll also support the production of information to add value to business decisions such as reinsurance purchase, asset strategy and capital allocation. As part of the capital management team, you will provide input into the different models in the light of market or regulatory developments, including carrying out analysis of underwriting risk assumptions. Producing model outputs in a timely fashion and ensuring clear and effective communication of results is also a core activity in this team.

As part of the pricing team – working out what we charge for our products – you’ll provide analytical support for underwriters and management through large risk pricing, model development and portfolio analysis. You’ll find insight in large data sets, exploring the subject to gain competitive advantage. You’ll use new techniques to help the business get the most from its data, as well as providing high quality pricing analysis to help assess new opportunities. During your rotation you’ll need to communicate complex issues clearly and concisely to a wide variety of stakeholders.

We need to have enough money to pay possible future claims. So, in this rotation, you can expect to be involved in building new reserving models and parameterising existing models. You are likely to work on different projects such as deep dives in to parts of our business or reserve risks analysis. As part of the reserving team, you will continually work to improve and develop processes and key analysis. You’ll have lots of opportunity to develop strong working relationships with key stakeholders across the business and your ability to communicate with them effectively will be key to your success in this rotation.

What qualifications do I need?
You’ll have achieved (or be expecting to achieve) at least a 2:1 honours degree in the UK (or international equivalent) in actuarial science, mathematics, statistics, economics, accountancy, engineering, chemistry or physics.

Sounds like you? Apply below.

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