Raza, Hiscox UK Pricing Intern

A ‘hands-on experience’ to put learning into practice

Raza completed an internship in the UK Pricing team in Summer 2023, and tells us a little about his experience.

Tell us about your experience…

As an aspiring professional in the insurance industry, my internship was an invaluable experience that provided me with real-world exposure and learning opportunities.

I was actively involved in various projects including supporting work on some of the testing processes and data used to effectively price risks. I also worked on an intern project where we looked at ways the UK Claims supply chain at Hiscox could become more sustainable and presented our ideas back to a panel of senior stakeholders. This hands-on experience really helped me to apply the theoretical knowledge gained from my studies to real-world scenarios.

How has Hiscox supported your development?

Time spent at Hiscox has been transformative for my personal and professional development, allowing me to hone my analytical skills by working with complex data sets and learning how to extract meaningful insights from them. Moreover, my communication and teamwork skills improved as I grew in confidence within my role in the team and was able to contribute to discussions. I now have a stronger understanding of the insurance industry and the crucial role pricing plays in its competitiveness and sustainability.

Throughout my internship, I received exceptional support from my team and the business as a whole. My manager assigned me projects that were both challenging and tailored to my interests. Regular feedback from the team also helped me identify my strengths as well as areas for improvement. As an intern, numerous training sessions and workshops were available, allowing us to expand our skill sets and learn from experienced professionals. Hiscox has a positive and inclusive work culture, and asking questions and seeking guidance was highly encouraged. 

What were your highlights?

The most enjoyable part of my internship was undoubtedly the collaborative nature of the work environment. Being surrounded by passionate and talented people who were always willing to share their knowledge and experiences made every day rewarding. I cherished the moments when I was given the opportunity to present my findings and ideas to the team, as it allowed me to showcase my skills and receive constructive feedback. The sheer range of projects I was able to work on also kept me engaged and motivated throughout my internship. 

What would you say to someone thinking about an internship at Hiscox?

Take the opportunity! The experience will not only enhance your technical skills but will also provide you with invaluable insights into the insurance industry. Embrace every project and task with enthusiasm, and don't be afraid to ask questions or seek guidance from your colleagues. Take advantage of the learning resources available and actively participate in team discussions. Lastly, make the most of the collaborative and supportive work culture by building relationships with your team members and fellow interns. If you're considering an internship at Hiscox, I assure you that it will be an experience you won't forget!

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