Aradhya, Hiscox Claims Intern

‘I felt that I was actually contributing to the business from day one’

Aradhya joined Hiscox as a Claims Intern in 2023, and tells us more about her time on the programme.

Why did you choose a summer internship at Hiscox? 

As an Economics student, I had heard a lot about banking and finance and not so much about insurance, but what struck me when I was doing my research was the endless scope of the insurance industry. Hiscox in particular goes beyond insuring the usual, like cars and homes, protecting things I didn’t even know could be insured, from satellites to company executives, and crisis-related events. Walking through the City of London, it surprised me to see how many buildings are occupied by insurance firms! I had heard a lot of great things about Hiscox but now, for me, it’s the culture and the people who work there that really stand out. 

What was the most enjoyable part of your internship?

It’s hard to pin point just one thing! I loved that I was given responsibility and felt that I was actually contributing to the business from day one. In the London Market Claims team, one of the main tasks is reviewing and referring claims to be processed – once the team receives a claim, they review the policies as well as the documents from loss adjusters and make a judgement on the validity of the claim. Being actively involved in this process really helped me to better understand what insurance is all about.  

As well as organised insight sessions, I was able to sit in meetings with other teams including Underwriters, Pricing Analysts, and Reserving Analysts. I really enjoyed meeting different people and learning about their roles, and how the different teams work together. The social events were a great way to get to know people outside of a professional setting; I met people with similar interests to me but also people from different levels of seniority – this really emphasised how Hiscox treats everyone as individuals.

How would you describe the culture at Hiscox?

Having spent time at Hiscox, I can tell that everyone really lives the company’s values. I was not necessarily expecting this, but it feels like everyone is very connected and people are more than willing to take time out of their busy schedules to talk to you. There is a big sense of community here, and from company awards to team activities and socials, there are lots of ways to get to know people.

What surprised you about working at Hiscox?

One thing I was quite surprised about was that there were so many people from different backgrounds – different academic and professional journeys that have led them to working at Hiscox and that’s what makes the business so interesting. Hiscox’s hotdesking environment in the London office also meant that one day you could be sitting next to someone who has just joined and the next you could be sitting next to an executive - I really enjoyed this.

Finally, Hiscox is passionate about art, and there are so many interesting pieces of art with fascinating stories behind them around the office. It creates such a creative and productive work environment which I found really inspiring!

What advice would you give to someone thinking about doing an internship at Hiscox?

Be ready to learn. This internship is a great way to learn on the job and you’re encouraged to ask questions. Many people say this, but it is so important – no one expects you to know everything! Make notes of things you have learnt or don’t understand so you can ask your manager or buddy during your catch-up sessions.  

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