We’re here to absorb risk in a meaningful way for our customers.

As an insurer, if we do our job well, our customers and society benefit when times are tough. Being an insurer our customers can rely on really matters to us, and it’s this philosophy that underpins our approach to Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) issues.

We take our role in the world seriously and want to play a responsible part in society.

Mike Krefta, Chief Executive, Hiscox Re & ILS and Executive Sponsor, ESG

Our ESG approach

The Hiscox ESG framework we have developed helps us stay focused and make an impact. It ensures we are pragmatic and consistent, teaming Group-wide themes with local market relevance.


We’ve made it our business to help customers understand and manage climate risks. We carefully manage our environmental impact and work with our customers, suppliers and business partners to respond to the changing climate.

As a business with a long-term outlook, it’s important we play our part in the debate on how to mitigate the impact of climate change on the global economy.

Hiscox careers London office at night


We want to build teams that are as diverse as the customers we serve, and create a vibrant and inclusive work environment where all employees can thrive.

We’re proud to have been ranked 4th out of 50 companies in the 2020 Glassdoor Employee’s Choice Awards – a list of the Best Places to Work in the UK, according to employee reviews.

We strive to be an insurer our customers can rely on, by paying all valid claims swiftly, and a good corporate citizen, by contributing to the communities of which we are a part.

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As a global insurer, good governance practices are essential to our day-to-day business of serving customers and paying claims, and are strongly woven into both risk assessment and strategy, with responsibility ultimately sitting with the Board and its committees.

Our policies and disclosures

We are guided by our values first and foremost, but we also have policies and disclosures that underpin the way we do business.

Environmental, social and governance issues (including issues such as tax, anti-bribery and anti-corruption, investor stewardship and climate change) and diversity and inclusion are integrated into both risk assessment and strategy, with responsibility ultimately sitting with the Board and its committees. 

What guides us?

Our values guide our business: to have courage and integrity, taking ownership and working together to build something better. Above all, we are human and at the heart of our business is a restless spirit to give our customers the confidence to realise their ambitions.

As we grow, we’ve always got one eye on making sure our values remain front and centre.