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We receive lots of sponsorship requests and we only select the few that fit best with our overall marketing strategy.

At the moment, our plans and budget are fully committed but if you’d like to submit an application for future consideration we have listed below the criteria that we use to assess requests.

  • How will the sponsorship fit with our brand, objectives and the products we offer?
  • What are the sponsorship benefits?
  • What is the cost of the opportunity?
  • What are the dates and location of the sponsorship?
  • Can our employees be involved, and if yes, then how?
  • Does the organisation/event complement our existing sponsor partnerships?
  • What will the funds that we provide be used for?

If you’d like to submit a sponsorship request, please email [email protected].  

Our current sponsorships

National gallery

The National Gallery

In April 2017, we were announced as the first ever Contemporary Art Partner of the National Gallery at the opening of Chris Ofili: Weaving Magic, the Gallery’s first exhibition under its newly launched contemporary art programme. Our partnership continues into 2019 as we support an incredibly exciting programme of exhibitions.

We have a 100-year heritage of insuring complex and unusual risks, as well as a passion for art that gets into everything we do; we insure it, collect it and promote it. This partnership with the National Gallery further strengthens our reputation in the arts and as a trusted insurer for people’s most treasured possessions.

Jake and Dinos Chapman, The Misshapeness of Things to Come, 2017. Commissioned by Art Night 2017

Art Night 2018

In 2018 Hiscox is supporting Art Night for a second year, providing the organisers with insurance for the works on display. Starting at 6pm on July 7th and running to 6am the following day, Art Night is London’s largest free contemporary arts festival, transforming the city annually for one night with a series of artist projects in extraordinary locations.

Art Night 2018 consists of twelve new commissions, one-off exhibitions and premieres curated by the Hayward Gallery alongside special artist projects and events presented by local organisations, independent creatives and collectives.

Image: Jake and Dinos Chapman, The Misshapeness of Things to Come, 2017. Commissioned by Art Night 2017. 

Tech Track 100 logo

The Sunday Times Hiscox Tech Track 100

We’re the title sponsor of The Sunday Times Hiscox Tech Track 100, the league table that charts Britain’s fastest-growing private technology, telecoms and digital media companies. Britain has always been at the forefront of cutting edge technology and our ability to innovate and grow this sector is critical to our economy. Identifying and recognising these successful businesses is an important step and we are proud to be associated with this initiative.

Hiscox is a world-leader in providing intelligent insurance products for a range of industries and professions. For around 20 years now we have been developing solutions for the ever evolving risks faced by technology entrepreneurs.

Whitechapel Gallery London

The Whitechapel Gallery

The Whitechapel Gallery is one of London’s foremost supporters of contemporary art. The gallery is famed for investing in exhibitions of works not seen elsewhere in London and in many cases curating exhibitions from collections from all around the world. We’ve had a relationship with the Gallery since in its refurbishment in 2009 and we are currently their insurance partner, which means we insure the works whilst they are on display in the gallery.

The Whitechapel Gallery is located just a few minutes’ walk from our London office and we are delighted to support our local gallery whose displays are mainly free to enter.

Sculpture in the city

Sculpture in the City

Sculpture in the City is a public art exhibition which we have supported since it began in 2011. Led by the City of London Corporation, the exhibition sees a selection of eye-catching modern sculptures by some of the world’s most famous artists set among the iconic buildings of London’s business district, such as the Cheesegrater and the Lloyd’s Building.

The 2017 exhibition featured 16 artworks by artists such as Paul McCarthy, Ryan Gander and Damien Hirst.

Image: Never has there been such urgency, or the eloquent and the gaga (Alchemy Box # 45), a work by Ryan Gander, featured outside the Hiscox office at 1 Great St Helen's.

Veteran Car Run:

Bonhams Veteran Car Run

We’re currently in our third year as supporting partner of the Bonhams Veteran Car Run. As part of our sponsorship, we host an evening reception for the participants and their guests, along with a briefing for all of the people taking part in it for the first time.

The Bonhams Veteran Car Run is owned by the Royal Automobile Club, the oldest motoring organisation which is renowned throughout the world for its association with motoring and motorsports. The event itself was established in 1896 and is now the world’s longest running motoring event – and is considered a ‘must-do’ for owners of veteran cars worldwide. Around 450 pre-1905 cars take part, with participants from all over the world driving the most rare and valuable cars.

Chalke Valley festival

Chalke Valley History Festival

We’ve been a supporter of the Chalke Valley History Festival since 2014 and our partnership is continuing until 2020.

Each June the beautiful Chalke Valley in Wiltshire welcomes history fans for a week of action and education. The organisers arrange a full, interesting and interactive programme of talks from well-known historians and authors such as Dan Snow, Tom Holland, Ian Hislop, Chris Patten and ‘pub landlord’ Al Murray. At the weekend there are battle re-enactments, history-related activities for all the family and the famous military air show.

Austin Film Festival

The Austin Film Festival

Creating truly great films requires courage and that’s why, for the past three years, we’ve proudly presented the Hiscox Courage Award at the Austin Film Festival and served as lead sponsor of the festival’s opening night. Selected by the audience, the award recognises the festival film that most embodies courage in its storytelling and the filmmaker who has best embraced the positive power of risk-taking for the benefit of their art.

We’ve specialised in media liability coverage for US businesses for over 25 years. Widely known as “The Writers Festival”, the Austin Film Festival provides a natural place for us to build brand awareness among those involved in movie and television production. During the festival, which features more than 180 screenings, we also produce a workshop to help educate filmmakers about mitigating the risks associated with film production.

Bermuda cricket

Under 11 Youth Cricket in Bermuda

Hiscox has been proudly sponsoring Under 11 Youth Cricket since 2006 and hosting the Under 11 Celebrity Cricket Festival in Bermuda since 2008. It was created to celebrate youth cricket, raise funds for the Bermuda Cricket Board's youth cricket program and bring the local community together.

It sees local and international celebrities playing against the top players from the Under 11 All-Star players. To date, the Under 11 team has won every Under 11 Celebrity Cricket match except for a draw in 2017. The Under 11 kids, parents and celebrity players have raised over US$35,000 on raffle tickets to date. The money raised goes towards the equipment for the Under 11 Leagues and Summer Cricket Clinics which includes free after school cricket every Friday.