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    The Hiscox graduate scheme is now open for applications until March. We spoke to Emma Cordingley, our Early Careers Manager, who tells us a bit about the scheme, the training and benefits on offer and how graduates can apply.

    Tell us about the Hiscox graduate scheme.

    This year we’ve got 30 exciting positions available for graduates. Our scheme starts in September 2018 and runs for just over two years.  The roles are really varied and include underwriting, business development, data science, marketing and capital modelling.  We have roles in London, York and Colchester as well as the US and Germany.

    What’s different about it?

    The scheme offers graduates the chance to go on two six week domestic secondments as well as a 12 week international secondment to one of our offices around the World.  We’ve had people based in the UK travel and gain international experiences as far afield as New York, Paris and Singapore.

    These secondments give people some amazing exposure to other areas of the business and the chance to develop new skills that they may not be able to gain from their current team.  It also gives them a broader network of people.

    What can a graduate expect in terms of training?

    The training is varied.  There are opportunities to train as a group in topics such as debate training, negotiation skills and personal impact.  We also ask graduates to choose courses that help develop their strengths and weaknesses as well as training specific to their role.

    All graduates are expected to take professional qualifications such as CII (for insurance) or CIM (for marketing), for example. The courses are paid for by Hiscox and everyone who passes receives exam bonuses.

    What sort of salary and benefits would you receive when you join Hiscox?

    Hiscox graduates can expect to earn £28k per year (and £30k if based in our London office) for a 35 hour week.

    Benefits depend on the country in which you work but all graduates receive 25 days of annual leave and a gift at Christmas time (in the UK we love our food and wine hampers but employees in other countries enjoy gifts such as vouchers too). Hiscox also offers a range of other benefits including gym memberships as well as the opportunity to take part in our Sharesave* scheme which could help you save for anything from a deposit on your first flat to an adventure holiday (more on what Sharesave is below).

    What sort of people should apply?

    We want people with self-drive and lots of ambition; those seeking their own opportunities.  Someone who isn’t afraid to speak up and has the motivation to really make a difference to the team they join from day one.

    What does the recruitment process involve?

    The first stage involves filling in an online application form.  If successful at this point, shortlisted candidates will be contacted for a telephone or Skype interview.  They will then be asked to complete our Watson Glaser critical thinking test and be invited to an assessment centre.

    What are we looking for during interviews and at our assessment centre?

    We are looking for people to be themselves.  Assessment days offer candidates the opportunity to meet the hiring managers and others from around the business. Those that are curious, ask questions and try and remain as relaxed as possible (!!) are often the most successful. We look for people who demonstrate the sorts of behaviours that we think set people up for success such as being able to demonstrate courage and being able to relate to diverse groups of people.

    How can people apply?

    You can apply at:

    Good luck!

    *What is Sharesave?

    Our Sharesave scheme allows you to save a fixed amount between £5 and £500 each month for 3 years. Your chosen savings amount is automatically deducted from your net pay and paid into a personal savings account.

    At the end of the Sharesave contract you have the opportunity to buy shares in Hiscox Ltd at a price that was fixed at the outset (share price discounted by 20%). This is known as the option price.

    If the Hiscox Ltd share price at the end of the Sharesave contract is greater than the fixed option price you may choose to buy the shares. If on the other hand the share price has fallen below the option price you can take your full savings in cash.      

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