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  • Adam Rose is a Commercial Team Manager at Hiscox based in York. He joined as an Insurance Expert in October 2013 before leaving for a short time to take up reins of a very different kind and returning to Hiscox in 2014. We spoke to Adam about his experience. 

    What did you leave Hiscox to do, and what happened when you came back?

    I joined Hiscox after spending a summer working in the United States for Camp America leading their horse-riding programme. My degree was in equine management, and I’m a horse owner myself so when I got a call about six months later asking if I’d like to come back and run the whole programme I was obviously thrilled!

    It wasn’t a decision I made lightly – I was happy at Hiscox and it felt like a good company. But my gut told me it was too good an opportunity to miss. My line manager said “go for it!” and, on my last day, our HR Manager walked over and said “if you want to give me a call when you’re back, please do”, which was really nice.

    I went out and spent another five months at the camp – it was brilliant, but a lot of responsibility as well. I was in charge of 13 members of staff, 15 horses, and 160 kids – I’d been around horses all my life so that didn’t faze me so much as all the kids!

    When I came back I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do, but I got back in touch with Hiscox and was invited for a coffee. There was an opportunity in the home insurance team, so I jumped at the chance.

    What did you learn from your experience?

    For me, it’s a bit of a cliché, but going away was a big thing I needed to do and it definitely broadened my horizons. It gave me some real life experience that has really helped me now I’m running a team.

    I don’t regret going away, it was definitely the best thing I ever did – and I’m lucky I work for a supportive company. From experience, if you keep the door open and leave on good terms, there’s no reason you can’t come back in the future.

    Tell us a bit more about yourself…

    What gets you out of bed in the morning?

    Well, I have a horse, so even if I didn’t want to get up I still have to go and muck out! Job-wise, I love working in such a vibrant place – it’s a nice buzz working in the York office. There’s around 150 people on the floor and you know pretty much everyone.

    What advice would you give your 18-year-old self?

    I think it would be not to feel so much pressure to have your life figured out. I’ve got friends who left uni and went straight into graduate programmes, but I just didn’t have a sense at 18 of wanting to do that. My friend gave me the best advice when I was deciding whether or not to go to the States – she said “just plan for the next six months, and when you get to that point you’ll start thinking about the six months after that.”

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