Hiscox celebrates 10 years of Sculpture in the City

symbols (2019-2021) by Guillaume Vandame in Leadenhall market


  • Hiscox and art
  • Sculpture in the City is back with a new exhibition of contemporary artworks set amidst the City of London’s famous buildings and public spaces. We’re thrilled to be supporting this tenth anniversary edition, including works by Laure Prouvost, Alice Channer, Eva Rothschild, Mark Handforth, Laura Arminda Kingsley, and Rosanne Robertson.

    This free, outdoor display has been captivating City workers and the local community alike for 10 years and offers a unique opportunity for people in the City to experience contemporary art and engage with their environment every day.

    Commenting on the lure of the art works, Robert Read, Hiscox’s Head of Art and Private Clients, says: “Returning to the office is no longer an option now that the new edition of Sculpture in the City has been installed".

    The artworks are accessible 24/7 and will be on display until Spring 2022. Visit www.sculptureinthecity.org.uk for more information.

    Image credit: symbols (2019-2021), Guillaume Vandame. Copyright the artist. Photo: © Nick Turpin

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