Hiscox impact report 2021

Hiscox impact report 2021 front cover

Today we’ve published our impact report 2021, taking a look at some of the charitable activity that’s been happening across the Group and highlighting some of the good causes we’ve been supporting.

The report shows that in 2021 we donated $1.5 million to more than 175 charities around the world, more than $1 million of which was funded by The Hiscox Foundation. This includes $75,000 in employee-matched funding, where we have helped our people make a bigger impact for the causes they care about.

We’re incredibly proud of all of our employees who took time to volunteer for a good cause, altogether completing over 1,000 volunteering hours in 2021, making a tangible difference in our communities.

Read their stories and find out more about the fantastic causes we’ve been supporting in the report here.