Hiscox Crisis Management

For over 25 years Hiscox has been supporting clients to manage complex security issues and crisis events that threaten people, assets, business operations and reputations.

The Hiscox Crisis Management division serves both corporate and private clients, and our exclusive partnership with Control Risks allows us to bring together renowned insurance expertise and unparalleled security risk and crisis management capability to protect what matters most to them.

Through Lloyd’s of London, we offer a wide range of insurance solutions for war, terrorism and political violence, personal accident, product recall and kidnap and ransom. For more information on placing business with us through Lloyd’s please visit www.hiscoxlondonmarket.com.

We also offer a range of crisis management solutions outside of Lloyd’s of London for both corporate and private clients including kidnap and ransom insurance through to insurance for fine art collections and classic cars. These policies are underwritten by Hiscox Insurance Company (Guernsey) Limited.

The world’s market leader for kidnap and ransom insurance

The Hiscox Crisis Management division underwrites over half of the world's specialist corporate protection insurance premium, and has led the development of this market for more than two decades. We cover individuals and companies against a wide range of security threats including threats to kill, injure, abduct or to damage property; illegal detention; and hijack – working in partnership with Control Risks the leading global risk consultancy.

In partnership with Control Risks

A Hiscox kidnap and ransom insurance policy provides our clients with exclusive access to leading global risk consultancy – Control Risks. Employing 19 full time response consultants and 49 trained ‘hand holders’ across 36 international offices (more than any other provider), Control Risks will deliver a rapid response to incidents occurring anywhere in the world.

Services provided by Control Risks include:

  • Threat assessment and kidnap negotiation advice
  • Executive protection
  • Personal and mobile security review
  • Law enforcement government liaison services
  • Business continuity and workforce support

No ordinary claims service

We are proud of our claims reputation and experience. If you’re unfortunate enough to have to make a claim, we'll be looking for reasons to pay it quickly rather than for excuses to delay. Hiscox has settled over 3500 claims from the largest of corporations through to small business families since we began writing kidnap and ransom insurance without ever facing litigation or arbitration.

A long history of providing specialist insurance cover for high net worth

We also specialise in providing discreet, bespoke insurance cover for the luxury assets of high net worth individuals – anywhere in the world. Our highly confidential service provides coverage globally for fine art, property, cars, valuables, and collectables.

Strong financial performance

A.M. Best has awarded Hiscox Insurance Company (Guernsey) Limited a financial strength rating of A (Excellent) based on Hiscox Guernsey’s ‘excellent risk-adjusted capitalisation, consistently strong financial performance and strong business profile for the specialist classes written’. It also has an A (Strong) rating from Fitch.

For more information on our products underwritten through Hiscox Insurance Company (Guernsey) please contact [email protected]