Louis L - claims graduate

‘I’m constantly learning’: my experience as a Hiscox Claims Graduate

Louis, Claims Graduate, joined the programme in September 2021 and shares his story so far.

What you did before joining the Hiscox graduate programme?

I went to Law School as law was something that interested me, however after a couple of years’ study I wasn’t sure whether I wanted to follow this path. After law school I went on to study insurance and at the same time I was able to gain valuable experience handling liability claims in a French insurance company. I enjoyed it so much that I went on to study for an Insurance Master’s degree, and also gained some work experience in underwriting.

What’s it like working at Hiscox?

As a specialist insurer, I’ve found there is a willingness to do better and to do more. If you have an idea, you’re encouraged to explore it and put recommendations forward. There’s a small company feel but a huge opportunity to learn – this was what I was told about Hiscox before I joined, and it’s definitely true. People are really nice and always willing to help – they always make time to talk. We have a combination of working in the office and at home, and when we’re at home we connect with each other regularly through video meetings and catch ups, so you still feel part of the team.

What do you enjoy about working in Claims?

Claims is the place where you can really help people. Every claim may not look like an emergency but for a freelancer (for example), a claim can represent much more than you might think. It provides lots of challenges – you are dealing with people in their time of need; using the law to make the right decisions, and interacting with brokers and third parties. Working in Claims gives you a really good overview of the whole business and how our insurance policies work. You also get to develop skills like analysis, decision making and organisation, and live the Hiscox values of courage, integrity, and being human in your day to day work – Claims is where you can really bring these values to life.

What opportunities do you think the insurance industry offers to graduates?

Insurance is part of everyday life – as an insurance company we are actively participating in the economy which makes the industry a really interesting place to work. It’s a challenging environment with lots of possibilities and lots of career opportunity. At Hiscox I feel like I have the ability to help evolve what we do and I’m very much encouraged to do this. As a Hiscox Graduate I have been involved in lot of different projects as well as developing my expertise in Claims. These projects have enabled me to develop different skills, work in diverse teams, interact with a wide range of people across our European business, and learn so much – I’m constantly learning!

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