Map of Nowhere (Blue), 2008

Map of Nowhere by Grayson Perry is a detailed etching that maps out key concepts and concerns in contemporary western life. A series of drawings illustrating these ideas are positioned around the representation of a body that is both Perry’s own body and a map of the globe. Inspired by medieval maps and mystical diagrams, Perry divides his body into zones. The lungs are specified as ‘The limits of reason’ and ‘The Here and Now’. Positioned around his head are various depictions of emotions such as ‘confidence’, ‘curiosity’, ‘ambition’ and ‘work ethic’. Running along his arm, like veins, are the words ‘craftsmanship’, ‘experience’ and ‘skill’. Perry’s world is not a happy place. Literally, he depicts his heart as heavy with despair and doubt. Map of Nowhere is a cool, detached appraisal of social reality.