Robert Dietrich

'Our culture is really very special'

Tell us why you’re so passionate about supporting graduates at Hiscox.

When I started my Hiscox journey at 22 years old, I was the fifth employee in Germany. I was given the chance to learn and have responsibility at a very young age and was grateful for this opportunity. I would like to see many others have similar opportunities to make Hiscox their own.

Over the years I have seen so many young people develop their skills and expertise at Hiscox, with many taking senior and leading roles. It is very rewarding to see the next generation living up to its potential and forming the future of Hiscox. I have always believed that it is our job to pass Hiscox on to the next generation, who can make it even better.  

Tell us more about the European graduate programme.

I wanted to create a truly European programme, to meet the challenges that our connected European business will face in the future. I love the international exchange, and this is certainly something very special to Hiscox Europe. I myself had the chance to work in London at one stage, so I know the benefit of working in a different country first-hand.

I was involved in the creation of the programme and want to be as close as I can. The European Management Team is committed to being personally engaged in helping our grads develop, and will give them guidance along the way.  

Why is it a great time to join the graduate programme in Hiscox Europe?

We are in a very exciting period of our development. We are profitable, growing fast and in the middle of a life-changing digital transformation. Our market share is still relatively small but our potential in all countries is huge. There is so much opportunity for those who are talented, passionate, and brave. Besides that, we are a fun place to work, we take care of each other and we’re human. Our culture is really very special.   

What do you feel the programme offers to graduates?

It is a great opportunity to learn about many aspects of Hiscox in different countries. It builds bridges across locations, provides close access to senior people in the organisation, and gives you the chance to take on responsibility early in your career. The work will be meaningful, and you will see its impact right away.  

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