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    Life is all about moments of courage, from facing down the small everyday obstacles to climbing the highest mountain.  Courage is what pushes us to tackle the big project at work, train for our first marathon or move to a new city to pursue our dreams.  It’s the belief in ourselves that moves the world forward and pushes us to start new businesses, explore new worlds and create a better tomorrow.  

    At Hiscox, we’re encouraging courage in our partners, our clients and ourselves in the USA.  This is the mantra we live by and the promise we’re making to everyone we work with.  We give our customers the courage to face down risk, make bold moves and build bigger businesses.  Everyone should have the courage to do more, be more and face risk head on.  We’ll be there with them every step of the way.  

    What challenge will you have the courage to conquer next year?

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