Taller, bigger, brasher: the mega-home heads east


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    The most expensive private residence in the world, according to Forbes, is not in London's Kensington Palace Gardens, New York's Manhattan, Florida's Palm Beach, or even the millionaire’s playground of Monte-Carlo, but currently soars above the Cumballa Hill area of Mumbai in India.

    While the rise of Indian billionaire Mukesh Ambani's skyscraper Antilia - named after a mythical Atlantis island - is the most flamboyant statement yet of the emergence of a new wealthy elite from the fast-growing economies of China and India, the increasing trend for high value mega-homes (part of the so called ultra-prime market) in these regions is likely to continue.

    For the London Market, this growth could provide a rich seam of opportunity, given the geographical characteristics of many of these homes.

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